Dental Tips & Care

No matter what your age, good dental care is essential to your health and well being.  We have listed below some tips that will translate into a healthier mouth and a brighter smile throughout your life.

  1. Calcium is important to your bones…and your teeth. Teeth and gums are made from calcium.  Getting a healthy dose of daily calcium in your diet will help keep your teeth strong.
  2. To get all that good calcium into your body and into your teeth you need to get enough vitamin D either from your diet, from the sun or from taking vitamin D orally.
  3. Loose teeth and bleeding gums are by-products of a diet that is deficient in vitamin C.  Vitamin C can also help fight the formation of plaque.  While too much acidic vitamin C can erode tooth enamel, adding fresh citrus fruits to your meals is as easy as adding them to salads or on top of cereal to create a buffer instead of eating them alone.
  4. Candy and sugary sweets combined with the saliva in your mouth produce an acid which causes tooth decay.  Avoiding these sticky foods is a good practice in order to keep harmful decay from destroying your teeth.
  5. Foods that generate saliva in your mouth are helpful in fighting the formation of bacteria.  You can also drink water to flush your mouth out and keep bacteria formation at bay.  Eat foods with a high water content to keep your mouth cleansed during meals.
  6. Brushing and flossing should be done at least twice a day.  If floss isn’t handy, eat carrots or apples to clean your teeth naturally until you can do a proper flossing.
  7. Using mouthwash or water to rinse out your mouth after every meal will help kill germs and keep your breath fresh.
  8. See your dentist for a regular check up and teeth cleaning every six months.