Dental Services

Your dentist may offer some or all of the following services in order to keep your mouth healthy, your smile attractive, and to prolong the useful life of your teeth.

  1. Regular dental checkups including teeth cleaning and polishing to insure that your gums stay healthy.
  2. Oral cancer screenings and comprehensive dental examinations.
  3. Fillings including white fillings, silver and gold as well as caps.
  4. The back teeth, molars and premolars, can require sealants which are applied to these teeth to prevent cavities.
  5. Caps and Crowns which are placed over the tooth when a conventional filling is not an option, a tooth is cracked or broken.
  6. Orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile and the function of your teeth and jaw.
  7. Porcelain veneers which are applied to the front teeth permanently to improve your appearance.
  8. At-home or in-office tooth whitening. Both options are engineered to give you the desired results for a whiter smile.
  9. For amateurs or pros, professionally fitted athletic mouth guards to protect your teeth when you are involved in physical activity.
  10. Custom night guards to alleviate the pain caused by clenching and grinding during sleep.
  11. Gum disease treatments, also known as periodontal treatments.
  12. Dental Implants made from titanium posts which are inserted into the jawbone that replace tooth roots of missing teeth.
  13. Dental bridges to replace missing teeth which are affixed permanently to anchor teeth.
  14. Dentures or partial dentures
  15. Tooth extractions
  16. Root canal procedures to clean out a tooth’s roots which have become infected because of tooth damage or decay.
  17. Emergency services