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Becoming a certified nursing aide is a rewarding career in the medical field.  Many consider it to be an entering point, others establish lifelong careers as a nursing aide.

Nurses’ aide careers can begin in doctor’s offices, hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes and other medical facilities.  CNAs are trained to be able to perform nursing aide functions at most any type of facility.

Nursing aide training is the first step toward getting certification from your state licensing board.  The classroom portion of the training may take from 2-4 weeks depending on where you get your training and the schedule.  After the classroom phase, there is a practical phase which involves 2 weeks in a clinic setting.  It is here where you will be trained by a certified training instructor in a real-life setting taking care of real patients.

At the conclusion of both the classroom and field sections of your training, you will be fully prepared for the state licensing exam.  CNAs are licensed by the state in every state.  In order to obtain your license, you must complete the written and practical sections of the exam and pass both sections.  During your CNA training, you will be informed as to what the exam might cover or what it has covered in the past.  You will want to take extra special care to follow your instructors’ directions on how to perform procedures correctly as this will weigh heavily in the exam content.

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In most areas, CNAs are in great demand.  You may find that you are offered CNA jobs from multiple places.  Finding a job that is in close proximity to where you live and is easily accessible by public transportation or your own vehicle will help you maintain a good performance rating as you will be able to make it in to work easily.




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