Getting great dental care begins with selecting the right dentist. Each dentist has their own way of practicing dental medicine but every dentist should take care of not only your mouth, but treat your mouth as part of your entire health picture. Dentists know that you need proper dental care to maintain good health and incorporate this philosophy into their practices and procedures.

What are the qualities that make a dentist an outstanding choice for your mouth and your overall health? A dentist that is approachable, one that will listen to your questions and concerns no matter how trivial, will be a great choice. Communication is a key to a successful doctor-patient relationship and you will want a dentist that you can talk easily with on any subject relating to your oral health.

Talking about finances is never easy, and you will want a dentist that will work with you to fit your dental care into your budget and your insurance plan. A dentist that is sensitive to your budgetary constraints makes a great partner – one that puts your needs first. Similarly, a dentist that will work with your schedule knows the value of your time and accommodates you whenever possible.

Dental practices should be current with the latest procedures and should use the latest materials to treat you. Dentists that keep up with continuing education and infection control procedures ensure that you are getting the cutting-edge in quality care.

The care of your mouth should also include screening for oral cancer and checking for the development of gum disease, not just checking for tooth decay and bite. A thorough mouth examination is absolutely necessary for good oral hygiene and health.

Is the dentist you are considering available when you need him or her to be? Make sure that your top choice has office hours that fit in with your work and home schedules. Many dentists make weekend and evening hours available for emergencies or to accommodate work hours. If this is a consideration for you, be sure to ask each dentist you are evaluating for their practice hours.

If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist, oral surgeon or implant specialist, find out how many procedures each dentist has performed so you can gauge their level of experience for that particular procedure. Good dentists will be glad to provide you with the number and success rate of each dental procedure that they perform.